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Batman has been summoned to help save the city, but he needs your help too.

Control Batman and fight your way through evil forces.

Batman rooftop caper

Batman is on the roof using all of his powers and weapons to defeat bad guys of Gotham.

Hammerin' Harry

Great retro arcade action. On the difficult side, just as you remember ir ( if you're old enough ).

Hammer those pixel dudes into oblivion

pladorian defense
Paldorian Defense

Defend your castle at all cost against hordes of evil mutated enemies.

wind rider gp
Wind rider gp

Survive for as long as you can. Upgrade your weapon, dodge meteors, crush aliens and shoot down the spaceships.

Gotham city rush

Control Batman and fight your way through evil forces of Gotham city.

lab rat
The legend of the golden robot

Take on the role of artefact hunter and all round hero, Indigo Steve, in this epic adventure. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures.

go go gummo

Gummo is this little wad of gum. He can jump and roll on his own. Various object in the game allow him to show you the other cool things he can do as well, such as be a slingshot or turn into a gum balloon (with helium).




hue runner
Hue runner

Control your little guy and keep him alive by jumping and changing his colors to match upcoming platforms. He will only land on platforms of the same color as his body.

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magnet towers
Batman difference detector

Batman and you are on the lookout for some differences.

Are they evil or not, you decide.

Stark raving Ted

Year 2012. Alien invaders attacked the Earth. Ted is humanity's last hope.

back yard evo.
Back yard evo. pt.1

Control the bug population in your back yard and feed the bats roaming above the wall.

chisel 2
Chisel 2

Second installment of the chiseling action puzzler.

Split the planet into pieces and defeat nasty little critters.

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